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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay – are they herds behind?

Android Auto

So far, Android Auto is mostly about the comfort and safety of using data from a smartphone while driving. But could a car’s entertainment system become more useful?


ASUS RT-AX52 router review: affordable speed


An inexpensive Wi-Fi router may seem insufficiently powerful for gaming and streaming services, but as we prepared our ASUS RT-AX52 review, it turned out that this is not the case.


Review of the Logitech G502 X Plus gaming mouse: for years?

Logitech G502X

The 2023 Logitech G502 line of mice includes several models – with prefixes called X, X Plus and Lightspeed. Let’s consider the middle option


Top rugged smartphones of 2024

Blackview BL6000 Pro 5G

Buying a secure smartphone seems simple. However, in addition to a large selection of models, there is also a variety of markings for protected devices. Most often, the price hints at the level of protection of the device, but there are nuances


ASUS VG249QL3A Monitor Review: quite good


The ASUS TUF Gaming VG249QL3A gaming monitor is equipped with a full set of technologies that will appeal to both gamers and those working with graphic content. Let’s talk about it in more detail


Acer eUrban eBike R electric bike review: lets ride a hundred km

Acer eUrban-R

Acer decided not to stop at experiments with electric scooters and this year surprised with a new e-transport – electric bicycles. Even search engines are so shocked by the expansion of the portfolio that they show a series of protected Acer Urban laptops in the results


ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16 (2024) laptop test: both worlds

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16, with a top-end processor and a powerful graphics card, boasts more than compact dimensions. How the hybrid of an ultraportable and gaming laptop turned out – we’ll tell you in this article


5 reasons to buy old used flagship smartphones instead of new

Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup

If you are a fan of buying budget but new smartphones from a showroom, so to speak, then perhaps next year you will switch to used flagships. And that’s why


Acer Swift Go 16 laptop test (SFG16-72-7669): outright

Acer Swift Go 16 (N9.KSHWW.002)

The updated model of the Acer Swift Go 16 laptop received Intel Meteor Lake processors, a cool high-resolution OLED matrix and a capacious battery. All this is packaged in a beautiful aluminum case with a strict design. Let’s tell you more about the new product

| 18.22

Microsoft canceled the recall function in AI Copilot+ for Windows 11

Acer Aspire Go 14 15 copilot button on the roof

Microsoft has tried to assure that access to this feature will require logging in through Windows Hello, and information will be encrypted in real time. However, the company decided to postpone the release of Recall

| 16.28

Nubia Red Magic Mechanical Keyboard 1S – wireless gaming keyboard with 1.47″ screen and RGB backlight

Nubia Red Magic Mechanical Keyboard 1S

Nubia, which specializes more in smartphones and is a subsidiary brand of ZTE, introduced the mechanical keyboard Red Magic Mechanical Keyboard 1S

| 14.19

Stable Diffusion 3 Medium II model uses computer resources to generate images


The company Stability AI announced the release of an AI model called Stable Diffusion 3 Medium, designed to generate images based on textual description

| 12.22

Logitech Zone 300 wireless headset costs UAH 3,399

Logitech Zone 300

The Logitech Zone 300 is equipped with speakers with 30 mm diffusers that provide sound reproduction in the range of 50-20 kHz and have a sensitivity of 96 dB ± 3 dB @ 1 kHz.

| 10.19

HTC U24 Pro smartphone received Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 with 12+512 GB of memory. But for what?

HTC U24 Pro

The HTC U24 Pro smartphone is based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processor and has a configuration with 12 GB of RAM and built-in storage options of 256 or 512 GB

| 08.04

NVIDIA produces 98% of graphics processors for data centers


NVIDIA recently overtook Apple in market capitalization for a while and now ranks third among the most valuable companies in the world.

| 15.34

Artificial intelligence helped create a dog language translator device


The AI ​​model, pre-trained on human language, was better able to understand and identify dog ​​barking, especially after being tuned to sounds made by 74 dogs, including 21 French poodles, 11 schnauzers and 42 chihuahuas

| 12.33

Oppo Find X7 Ultra topped the DxOMark rating for battery life and charging speed

| 09.39

Smart contact lenses have been developed that can be charged by human tears

| 17.27

News for Yahoo will be written by artificial intelligence

| 13.49

The most expensive AK-47 skin ever bought in Counter-Strike. It costs $1 million

| 10.13

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE will be available in Ukraine already in August

«Xbox Spring Sale 2024»
Xbox Games Showcase 2023

Microsoft has launched a massive Spring Sale on the Xbox Game Store. The promotion will last until April 18.

«GOG Spring Sale 2024»
gog com spring sale 2024

As part of the GOG Spring Sale 2024, buyers can access more than 5,500 classic and modern games at discounts of up to 95%. The promotion will last until April 4.

«Quiz from Panasonic Ukraine»

The site together with Panasonic Ukraine is holding a quiz

«Promate accessories giveaway»

The Promate company, together with the site, is organizing a raffle for several accessories for mobile devices

«Panasonic 100th Anniversary Quiz»
Acer Predator Thronos

Panasonic is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and to coincide with this event we are holding a quiz with prizes for our readers

«Quiz Panasonic eneloop»

Panasonic summed up the results of the ambassador tour in support of the environment and the limited edition eneloop botanic colors batteries and timed a new quiz to coincide with this event