WeStudy htua video

An interview with the developers of WeStudy – a multi-service platform for creating and selling courses


Today we will talk with the developers of the multi-service platform for info business WeStudy. We are in touch with two of the four Ryzhkov brothers, the founders of ViStadi LLC.

iqos veev cover

IQOS VEEV mini vape review

IQOS decided to open another device segment – ​​sub-systems. They became an independent class of devices and were able to combine the main achievements of classic vapes and e-cigarettes.

Infodemia cover

Games of meaning: Infodemic

Results and prospects. Where to look for the truth? How do they play with our emotions? Conspiracy, experiment or pandemic in a new way

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Games of meaning. New program from hi-Tech TV

Difficult times raise difficult questions. Everyone is trying to find the answer. Experts from various fields gathered online. To come together and discuss reflection, action and the future.