About us

hi-tech.ua – a site about technologies. We talk about world news in companies, about new devices, launch of services and startups. We publish reports from world and regional events, exhibitions, forums.


The website hi-tech.ua has been operating since 2002. The SoftPress publishing house owns the hi-tech brand and the website hi-tech.ua. SoftPress has been operating since 1998.


hi-tech.ua has established itself as a reliable source of professional information and the author of successful projects in the information space of Ukraine.


Our team participated in the release of hi-tech PRO magazines, World of Communication, My Computer, hi-Tech at school, hi-Tech DVD application.


Among the B2B publications: PC Zvyazok, Telecom, Telesvit, SMART, MM Money and Technologies, Panorama of the market, the literary project Reality of fiction, the newspapers Channel Partner and Chitai!, the Navigator catalog. Until 2006, we were responsible for publishing the Ukrainian version of Chip magazine, the rights to which at that time belonged to Vogel Media International.


The topic of news and publications of the hi-tech.ua website is devoted to B2C and B2B solutions and events. We talk about the most significant and iconic devices and technologies that are presented on the world market. They include, but are not limited to: smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, monitors, storage devices, motherboards, video cards, processors, peripherals, headphones, speakers, audio systems, cameras, cameras, accessories, diesel engines, air and other transport.


The editorial office of the site works and is located in Ukraine. You can contact us regarding editorial issues at [email protected]