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Hi-tech Pro Твій цифровой світ

Launched in the fall of 2006, the hi-Tech PRO magazine is the next step in expanding the range of publications under the hi-Tech brand. The magazine is aimed at a wide audience of Russian digital technology users.

Following the style of work and good journalistic traditions that have formed over more than a decade of publication of the magazine, the editors of hi-Tech PRO intend to go further. Today, it continues to offer its readers the knowledge and experience of the best team of experts on the domestic market, an independent view and competent assessments from the largest testing laboratory among Ukrainian publications, a rich selection of programs and materials on DVD in each issue of hi-Tech PRO magazine.

Kiev and region - 30%
Subscription - 35%< br/> Format: 230x300
Volume, pages: 132 +
Circulation from DVD: 23,000 copies. strong>
Frequency: 12 issues per year

More details: http://softpress.com.ua/htpro-eng.html