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The site team has been actively participating in the life of the communications and technology market for 20 years. Journalists, engineers, publishers and fans of digital technologies ensure that relevant content appears regularly on the site. We have extensive experience in preparing reports, event lighting and device testing. is one of the top 5 sites about computers and technology in Ukraine. is visited daily by 7-10 thousand and 170-200 thousand users per month.


Our clients and partners can request up-to-date statistics from Google Analytics on the day the request is sent inclusively, or visit SimilarWeb (it is synchronized with Google Analytics). All other open services for measuring site audiences do not provide an adequate assessment, including BigMir, LiveInternet, etc.


You can read more about our team and its members on this page. In addition to content creation work, we can also undertake:


  • Video shooting followed by post-production;
  • Conducting photo sessions and preparing a portfolio of images;
  • Development, distribution, editorial processes of publishing printed publications.


You can contact us directly about advertising by leaving a comment below. It will remain private and other visitors will not see it, but our managers will promptly contact you.

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