User agreement

Along with the privacy policy, User Agreement also apply on the website. Use of the site constitutes agreement with it’s points.

  1. Allowed:

1.1 Express your opinion in comments on site materials;

1.2 evaluate the presentation of publications, especially testing of devices;

1.3 Ask clarifying questions if the author has not answered them in the text;

1.4 Express wishes on topics for future publications;

1.5 Start your own blog by leaving a request in the feedback form. Tell us what you want to write about and about yourself;

1.6 Write correctly so that users can understand the content of your message;

1.7 Be friendly, correct and positive. Remember that everyone has the right to an individual opinion, but if the rules are violated and your interlocutor becomes personal, do not “add fuel to the fire”, but contact the administration;

1.8 Offer factual corrections, not stylistic ones, for example, on statistics and chronology of events.

  1. Promotions:

2.1 The administration reserves the right to ask the winner of the promotion for scans of documents to confirm his identity;

2.2. If all mandatory points of the promotion, attempt or fact of fraud are not observed, the administration has the right to disqualify the participant;

2.3. The participant is not allowed to participate in the drawing if it is impossible to verify compliance with all the conditions of the promotion (page information is closed or the page has been deleted);

2.4 The period for summing up the results is at least 7 working days from the end of the promotion.

  1. Not allowed:

3.1 Posting materials containing content for an 18+ audience (link, photo, video, etc.);

3.2 Links to other resources containing a link to paid file downloads, “ways of making money” or sites of similar subjects without approval from the administration. The moderator has the right to consider any link as advertising based on the context of its placement and content;

3.3 Rudeness and image of other users, authors and editorial staff;

3.4 “Trolling” and provoking a “popular uprising” against the administration. Do not succumb to such provocations – the actions of the administration are always aimed only at the benefit of the site; more often than not, it is competitors who try to denigrate the administration;

3.5 Abuse of profanity and rudeness when writing comments. For some people, swearing is unacceptable, respect the feelings of others;

3.6 Manifestation of xenophobia, racism, incitement to international conflict and themes of a political nature;

3.7 Raising a language issue (also see paragraph 3.6).

  1. Summary:

4.1. In case of controversial situations, the decision is made by the administration based on the context of the situation;

4.2 All copyrights to media files belong to their authors and legal rights holders;

4.3 Use of the site requires reading these rules and agreeing to them.