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Telecom 8 2019
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ASUSPRO – laptops for mobile professionals

Lens-shaped connections in military technology

Monitoring and management system


Exclusive interview. Lieutenant General Ruslan Khomchak, Chief of the General Staff, Chief Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Transition to NATO standards. Zagalna J-structure

Our nutrition is confirmed by Alexander Vinnikov, Head of the NATO Representative Office in Ukraine

Reorganized the functions of secure communication and automation when switching to the J-structure of control

Protection of data processing centers. Why do you need to respect me?


The current development of automated control systems for military purposes

Current technologies in military radio communications

Swarm intelligence. Keruvanya groups of drones in battle


Automated systems for managing military equipment and equipment. Suchasny Stan

The armed forces of the armed regions of the world are actively working to integrate existing systems and military equipment with current information systems and technologies that combine the creation of new types of automated control systems (ASU) with military (forces) and armoring, as well as methods and forms of combat diy


VITI. Bet on the development


Voice codecs. Description and characteristics

Dynamic routing protocol

Cryptographic data protection in digital systems

Cybersecurity. Nose information protection

Routine – dropping the equipment to “zero”

Vibir antenna for short-haired breed

Recommendations for maintaining a MOTOTRBO trunking connection

Setting up and setting up the RF-7800i-CU100 intercom

Wikoristannya program RF-6551H Tactical Chat

Remote control system RCS-9661

Current radio technologies. Zastosuvannya at the military equipment


Transition to NATO standards

  • Zalna J-structure
  • Redesigned the functions of secure communication and automation
  • Types of food items

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Telecom 8 2019