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Armored forces control system

DDoS protection as a service

Document flow. Reliability and quality guaranteed

For and against paranoia. Unified digital key Hideez Key

Mobile control center

Reliability. Climate. Control. Outdoor cabinets


Prospects for the development of modern military technology

Armament and security 2016. What can the Ukrainian defense industry do?

Transition to NATO standards

Colonel Yuriy Plugovy, intercessor of the head of the military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

New forms of aggression. Modern hybrid warfare

Ljotna school. UAV operator training


Navchannya. Cisco Academies’ Academics

Radio exploration. War brings harm not only to people

Automation. Battalions ask for fire

Aerial reconnaissance. We are a society that is at war

High-tech developments. Comprehensive solutions required

Organization of communications. Everything depends on communication and a little more


Wireless sensor networks for tactical military control systems

Combat ground robotic systems

Robotics in combat

Construction of a telecommunications repeater based on UAVs

Evacuation from the battlefield

Smart networks based on FANET


Principles of building VPN tunnels

Up-to-date radio communications

Military cybersecurity. Social measures

Simulation and simulation of telecommunications equipment

Construction of twisted pair cable communication systems

Robotics for military needs

Wireless sensor networks

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