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News about news from Ukraine and the world

The realities of school

Basic programs in computer science: shahraism legalized

A list of authors of initial programs in computer science to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine

Room guest

Cult of high rank of knowledge

About the creation of the necessary minds for the successful development and self-realization of the skin child in FMG No. 17

Robotics in Ukraine

Pіdsumki Olympiad -interview with Dmitry Kondratenko

Project number

Rukh for the trajectory

Pokrokova Ovolodinya Flash


Systems – problems: rahunok 2:0

Adobe inDesign CS5

Dijkstree’s algorithm and its implementation using STL. Mikhailo Medvedev


Methodology for applying computer science to 10th grade

Internet coverage

The beginning of Moodle – the first crumbs

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